Commercial Security Systems

A.G.R Technical Services has a pride in offering specialized and high quality work to ensure that your property is safe and secure using the most tested and trusted equipment in the industry.

We focus mainly on some residential but mostly on commercial and small business property security solutions. We provide back to base monitoring on land line, IP, GSM/GPRS or any combination hybrid type.

We install & service a variety of types of security systems of any type. For instance wired or totally wireless alarm systems with video verification, hybrid alarm systems etc.

All monitored systems report back to base using a reputable Grade A1 control room services. We even have options of the self monitored type on your smart phone for the budget conscious clients.

We install and service CCTV IP or conventional type, remote viewing. We install and service access control systems, intercoms and LAN communications. We also install remote area stand alone security systems or remote controlling equipment via the cellular network and smart phones.

We use all of the major top brand names in security to give you peace of mind that your property is secured and accountable.

Few popular brand names we proudly use are:

Tecom, Bosch, Hills/Reliance, NESS,  Risco, Inner Range, Protégé, and many more.

Why A.G.R Technical Services?

With over 30 years of experience operating within the security industry, you can be assured that friendly, professional and high quality service will be offered.

We are a certified Security Licenced Installer and accredited cable installer.

How Can We Help?

If you’re in need of a new security solution for your business or aren’t sure where to begin, we will strive to work with you and put in place an effective solution that meets your needs.

I Have An Existing System Installed

If you have an existing system already in place and want to either add or replace it, we’ll do our best to provide that service to you. In some cases, in the event of older hardware it may be necessary to upgrade so that you can take advantage of all the features and ease of use from up to date systems they can provide.

Our Specialisations

An outline of what A.G.R Technical Services can provide to your business needs. Working together closely to attain the best results and satisfaction:

Wired and Wireless Alarms

Back-to-Base, GSM Standalone and Wireless Alarms

CCTV Surveillance

Remote Viewing, Day and Night Cameras, DVR Setups

Access Control

RFID Cards and Readers, Area Monitoring, Alarm Interfacing

IT Services

A Range of IT Services, DVR Networking and Remote Viewing

Testing and Tagging

Licensed To Test and Tag All Your of Your Equipment Needs

Alarm System Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring. Wired or Wireless